As with any piece of opinion written anywhere in the universe on any topic by anyone (person, dog, cat, imagined race, etc) there must always be disclaimers to avoid the Karens, race-baiters, snowflakes, SJWs, and basement dwellers.

Guess what? I hate disclaimers. If you’re too #snowflake to read something that doesn’t goose-step with your #identity politics without starting a #CancelCulture campaign against the speaker on #Twitter or #Facebook, I don’t want you here. Piss off.

That said, here’s my #identity, in a nutshell.

  • There are two sexes, male and female. Get over it. Yes, there can be genetic variances, but your CHOICE of who and what you want to be called doesn’t change simple biology.
  • My politics are mine. As long as you don’t try to push your politics, real or imagined (like #identity politics) on myself or others, I don’t give a shit. Try pushing it on me and you can expect a beat down, either virtually or in person (with a baseball bat).
  • I don’t care what you your CHOSEN sexual preference or identity is. Whatever you do being closed doors is your business. Keep it to yourself, but don’t expect me to give a crap and raise a fist in the air to support you (unless that support is in the form of punching you).
  • In America, our founders have given us the right to own and use firearms. Get in the way of that and we have a problem. #2A for life.
  • There’s no such thing as a free press in America anymore. It’s all corporate owned and HEAVILY slanted in favor of the #socialist draw of the day.