Rep Swalwell pot & kettle

Eric Swalwell (D), a House of Representative member and occuying a seat on the House Intelligence Committee, has long been a steadfast liberal & rabid anti-Trumper. He’s gone so far as to call President Trump a Russian Spy and collaborator. Not sure where the hate came from, but given that he’s a loyal foot soldier of Nancy Pelosi (D), Speaker of the House, it makes perfect sense that he’s obeying the directions of the Speaker. It’s not unusual for American politics to play out with games like this.

Swalwell & spy Fang

Well, it has been revealed that the now-married Swalwell had been having an affair with a female #Chinese spy by the name of Christine Fang. While the extent of their relationship is still hush-hush at this time (#mainstream media is refusing to investigate it), the irony can’t be avoided here. This member of the House Intelligence Committee (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence), with access to top secret, highly classified information, was in an intimate relationship with a known #Chinese spy. Swalwell became a member of the Intelligence Committee in 2014, and didn’t allegedly end his relationship until 2015. That’s one year of pillow talk between a member of a Congressional Intelligence committee and a #Chinese spy.

House Speaker Pelosi, with her own ties to #China, has said that she’s not concerned with the perceived threat of this relationship, and is refusing to do anything about his House seat on either the Committee or his seat in the House.

Ironic that a member of Congress calling the President a traitor and Russian spy would be having a sexual relationship with a known #Chinese spy, and a Democratic House is doing nothing about it.

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