Johns Hopkins Censorship

Recently, a researcher named Genevieve Brand penned a presentation named “COVID19 Deaths: A Look At U.S. Data”, and published it in the Johns Hopkins Newsletter. She took the bold step of actually presenting U.S. death totals by year, and came to the not-startling-at-all conclusion that COVID19 was playing NO SUBSTANTIAL ROLE WHATSOEVER in the year-over-year death totals in the United States! None!

However, within four days Johns Hopkins RETRACTED the presentation WITH NO REFUTATION OF THE DATA WHATSOEVER, claiming it was doing its part to combat the “spread of misinformation”… by CENSORING INFORMATION. The original PDF of the presentation was CENSORED and re-uploaded; but luckily for Americans with a taste for truth, an original was archived at , and now Johns Hopkins was scrambling to try to explain their censorship.

Author, columnist, and podcaster John C. Dvorak wrote a piece on this bit of scholarly censorship, and you can read it here: John C Dvorak at the Oasis. It’s very much worth the read (as are many of his other posts at The Oasis.


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