Hypocrisy of Deaths

Trigger Ahead!

According to CDC numbers as of December 11th, there has been 266,548 #COVID-related deaths in the United States since this “pandemic” began. Now, let’s not go into reports of HOW those “deaths” are arrived at (such as dying in a car crash, you’re tested for COVID, and if the test [another problematic metric] is positive, you are listed as a COVID DEATH), but let’s look quickly at the utter hypocrisy of screaming “OH THE HUMANITY!” over COVID deaths while completely ignoring ordinary, every days death rates.

Like #abortion. There are an estimated average of 640,000 abortion-related deaths in the United States every year. Every year. EVERY YEAR.

Again according to CDC numbers, there are more than 480,000 smoking-related deaths EACH YEAR in the United States.

But American-owned businesses are being forced to close their doors every day because of lock-downs and onerous capacity rules, suicides are on the rise, and even children are feeling the heavy hand of depression during this LARGELY MISUNDERSTOOD ailment.

The deaths related to #COVID, whether an actual cause or a fraudulent increasing of deaths to get more money out of insurance companies, show just how much this “pandemic” is being used across the board for certain groups or persons to line their own pockets or boost their own political agendas.

Influenza kills every year. Traffic accidents kill every year. #Abortion kills every year. Smoking kills every year. #Flu2020, my name for #COVID19, kills. It has a recovery rate in my county of residence alone, of 99.885%.

But yeah… wear a mask in your own home, close your business, and fire all of your employees.

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